Grill Tanks Plus

Grill Tanks Plus site by Web Designs Palm Beach

A Complete Brand Creation

From Start to Finish

We had a wonderful experience with this brand as it was about to fail when we stepped in and had no web presence at all. Over the course of 6 years we grew it crafting an enormous internet presence that included Branding, Web Design, Video Content Productions, Search Engine Optimization, Paid for Advertising, Work Flow and Administration Stream Lining, Customer relations Management, and Information Technology all working together as a well oiled machine to result in a 7 figure brand that did so well it had the means to create a second brand “Palm Beach Grill Center” with it’s 2 store fronts in Delray Beach, FL. This page will showcase our work. Lets start with the web site which you can see here:

Grill Tanks Plus SEO Results

1. Local Rankings
2. Organic Rankings
3. Schema Markup Rankings
4. YouTube SEO
• = 8k – 10k Non-Pay Per Click Site Visits a Month

Listed above are the 4 main areas we focus in our SEO efforts. As a Small Local Business, the Local Ranking you will find in Google’s Local Pack are the most important; however, all 3 disciplines which we will show here are important! First let’s kill 2 birds with one stone and show you both what the Local Pack is VS organic, and results we got for this brand that became an enterprise.

A Screen Shot Showing Search Engine Dominance

Grill Tanks Plus search engine dominance